About the Artist
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Donna emmigrated, with her Polish parents, to Canada from Eastern Europe at an early age and grew up in southern Ontario.  Her love of vast and sweeping scenery comes from her memories of travels in North American, Europe and Asia.  She has been involved in drawing since her youth and has been involved in various artistic mediums from sculpting in clay and wood to painting in mixed media, and acrylics.  “I love to work with all types of acrylic media because of its versatility for thin to thick work and its immediacy to allow layered work over a short time.”
In 1997 Donna became a full-time artist. While primarily self-taught, she has studied drawing, painting and printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art, Algonquin College, Nepean Visual Arts Centre and with various outstanding Canadian and international masters.
Artist Statement
Working my art is an intuitive experience.  I seldom work from a particular image but rather from my mental images and memories.  I  let the colour and shapes come from within me and from the spirit of places I have seen.  I enjoy exploring the textures and exhilarating colours surrounding us in an expressionistic way.  I am a colourist at heart. Strong, clear colours and contrast excite me.  I enjoy seeing the abstract element in everyday life and revel in translating it to my landscapes or florals.  My abstracts are an expression of my feelings and intuitions while working the canvas.
Selected works can be seen at....

Ottawa Art Gallery- the Annex, 50 MacKenzie King Bridge, Ottawa, On. K1N0C5


at my studio at Studio Space Ottawa, 2477a Kaladar Ave., Ottawa, ON (call for an appointment  -   613-241-9236)
the artist
Y. Donna Randall